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Mobile Link™

Know your generator will be ready when you need it with Mobile Link™ remote monitoring.

PowerDial™ Ergonomic Spray Gun

PowerDial™ ergonomic spray gun allows you to easily adjust the power needed between four different tasks – car, wood, concrete and soap – at your fingertips.

Soap Blaster

Soap Blaster attachment sprays soap 3X farther than a standard nozzle tip to penetrate tough stains and improve cleaning results.

Power Broom

Power broom attachment is equipped with high pressure nozzles to clean 4X faster than standard nozzles.

30 Foot High Pressure Flex Hose

30-foot high pressure flex hose, most flexible hose in the industry; kink resistant, non-marring.

Turbo Nozzle

Turbo nozzle attachment with rotating pinpoint stream is designed to remove stubborn dirt and grime off tough surfaces 30% faster than standard nozzles

Powerful Generac Engine

Powerful Generac 196cc OHV engine delivers maximum cleaning performance.